The company has boasted an advanced computer center and CAD studio, employed world-leading design means(Methodology) and integrated software of CAD/CAE/CAPP/CAM systems.

In addition to the ERP system, the company has also achieved complete sharing of internal LAN and external network resources and has been praised as “China’s Demonstration Enterprise of CAD Application Engineering” by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China.

The Machinery Design Institute of the company represents a provincial-level technical center and has 260 scientists and engineers, 84 of whom are doctors, masters and have the title of senior professional posts. The company has set up a “Post-doctoral Research Center” and “Hubei Fluid Control Mechanical Engineering Technology Research Center”, both of which have made different technical and business contacts with China’s professional design institutes and users in the power, metallurgy, petrochemical and municipal sectors. In addition, the company has also established post-doctoral industry bases and industry, learning and research bases by joint efforts of nearly ten universities including Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and employed a group of well-known experts in China to form a powerful “think tank”, making the company a practice base for institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes to transform scientific and technological achievements into productivity.




HW-DHG5011 CNC flame plasma underwater cutting machine


22m×5m CNC flame plasma underwater cutting machine can cut 220mm thick carbon steel plate and 140mm thick stainless steel plate.


B81090A sheet edge planer


The edge planing thickness and length of sheet edge planer can reach 80mm and 9000mm respectively. It can be used for groove processing of sheets, which can ensure the welding quality.


W11K-70×2000 CNC three-roller veneer reeling machine


For the large CNC three-roller veneer reeling machine, the sheets of roll round can reach 120mm to the maximum, and when if plate width is 2000mm, the plate thickness is 70 mm. It can be used for rolling cylinder parts.


Welding center

The welding center consists of a large welding positioner, a large welding roller carrier, and a welding manipulator. The welding positioner carries 60t, the worktable diameter is 7.5m, and the maximum swing diameter is 8.5m. The welding quality is good and the working efficiency is high.


X-ray crack testing room


X-ray crack testing room can be used to make a film for workpieces with width less than 10m and height less than 5m, and the maximum thickness that the beam can pass through the steel plate is 110mm. X-ray crack testing (RT) can be executed on key welding seams.

80T whole fiber trolley gas furnace


Internal effective size of the furnace is 8000X7000X4500 mm, rated load is 100T, rated temperature is 950°C. It can meet the integral butterfly valve below DN6000 and sub-half butterfly valve below DN8000 after the overall stress relief heat treatment.


Q76120 trolley shot blasting combined room


The cavity size is 8m×8m×5.5m, and it can complete the shot blasting process of valve body and butterfly plate of butterfly valves with an aperture diameter below DN8000. It can improve the adhesion of paint and ensure the product’s service life and appearance quality.


CKQ52100 dual-column vertical CNC lathe


Dual-column vertical CNC lathe can be used to process the workpieces with the maximum diameter of 10m and the maximum height of 4m, and the worktable bearing is 150t


CXTK53125X75/250 CNC multi-function single-column mobile vertical lathe


Dual-column vertical CNC lathe can be used to process the workpieces with the maximum diameter of 12.5m, the maximum height of 7.5m, and the table bearing is 250t; it is equipped with vertical milling head and lateral boring head, by which, clamping can be completed one-off, and lathe, milling, boring, drilling and other processes can be completed.


TK6926B/L120 CNC floor milling and boring machine


TK6926B CNC floor milling and boring machine is installed with 4.6×5.6m workbench bearing 150t, and it can be used to complete the boring, milling, drilling, tapping and thread milling process and other processes of valve body and butterfly plate of the butterfly valves with diameter less than 8m.

Large valve paint-spraying room


Natural gas is adopted for the valve paint-spraying room to heat the air and execute filter circulation to improve the performance and appearance quality of the paint on workpiece surface and the butterfly valves with aperture diameter below DN8000 can be sprayed here.


Super large valve test center


The valve performance test center is firstly founded in the world(Really?), which gathers the test time, pressure curve and stress curve. In addition to testing the strength and seal of the valve, it can also obtain the actual value of the stress change in the high stress region of the load bearing component in the process of valve pressure gradually increasing, and verify the theoretical numerical value of the finite element analysis in design, by which, the design structure can be optimized, ensuring the safety and reliability of the valve under working conditions.

Large console


The 30X5X2m large console can be used to control  two DN8000 valves to simulate working conditions for non-water action test, and various actions and parameters shall be tested and adjusted properly to ensure the smooth installation and debugging at the site.


QD250/2OT twin beam overhead crane


Maximum lifting weight: 250t


Fluid Laboratory, Hubei Fluid Control Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center


The Fluid Laboratory enhances the company’s capability of independent innovation, raises the maturity, supporting and engineering level of scientific and technological achievements, and improves the company’s design and development methods and technology radiation capability.