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The company successfully signed a large-scale irrigation project in Kaleswaram, India at the beginning of the new year, for which, the total contract amount was USD 9,187,216, equivalent to RMB 63,170,000, and the valve aperture diameters were DN4500 and DN4200 and the total number was 34, marking a record of the largest number of large-diameter valves singly signed by the company. The project has entered the detailed design stage at present.

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The manufacturing of DN5780 inlet butterfly valve, produced for Zimbabwe by the company, was completed with success. The butterfly valve is the dual seal water inlet butterfly valve of water turbine with the largest aperture diameter produced in China, weighing more than 320t. The company has formulated a reasonable production plan and designed a special process equipment targeted to large diameter and difficult processing problems, which ensure that the product is successfully manufactured.

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On October 18, 2016, Wang Hongyun, the chairman of the company, was elected as the Deputy of the sixth session of People’s Congress with a high voting rate of 90.2% in the election of the second district of Shengli Sub-district, Shashi District. Previously, Wang Hongyun was the provincial, municipal and district Deputy to the People’s Congress and a member of Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee.

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Mr. Zhou Da, the chief engineer of our company, participated in the selection activity of the first session of Top 10 “Jingzhou Craftsman” in Jingzhou in October 2016 and stood out from among nearly 100 candidates. Then, he was granted with”Jingzhou Craftsman”, “Municipal May 1 Labor Medal” and “Jingzhou Technical Expert” by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

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Our company won the bid for “No.1 Projects” of Hubei Province, i.e., Section 24 of the third batch of projects for the water resources allocation engineering in northern Hubei Province in 2015, and the contract value was RMB 32.8233 million.In this project, DN3800/PN16 ultra-low-speed hydraulic-control opening/closing butterfly valve is installed on the inverted siphon working conditions of long-distance pipelines, 1800S is necessary for both opening and closing, which creates the lowest speed of large aperture diameter hydraulic-control butterfly valves.

News Post 5

On September 24, 2016, the company sent 9 workers to participate in the welders’ contest of the 7th Staff Skill Competition in Jingzhou, winning 1 special prize, 4 first prizes, 3 second prizes and 1 third prize for the company after two rounds of theoretical examination and practical operation. The special award winner, welder Mr. Shi Junfu, has been officially registered as a candidate for the “Municipal May 1st Labor Medal”.

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The company upgraded and rebuilt the software and hardware facilities of the company’s quality inspection center with RMB 5 million, lasting for six months, which was officially completed and put into use in April 2016, greatly raising the company’s quality control.